What are the Most Reliable External Hard Drives?

What are the Most Reliable External Hard Drives?

When we use laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones, we understand immediately that downloading and installing essential files that we need for our personal or work use can take up space.

This is especially true for people who use their devices to do jobs like the photo, video, and audio editing that can take up a lot of storage space. These types of digital editing can take up precious space to produce even a single file output.

This is the reason why internal storage spaces from our devices are often easily depleted. Regular use of our devices will eventually lead to low storage memory that can cause our devices to slow down and lag.

With the introduction of external storage devices, we have been able to free up space from our internal disk drives by transferring them. CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks have been the common external storage devices that we have been using to transfer our files so we will no longer have to delete them just to free up some space on our computers.

Nowadays, external hard drives are gaining more recognition among people because of their wide storage capacity and portability. In a single device, you can already store thousands of your files without having the need of saving them in separate external storages.

A 1TB external hard drive can already last you months of regular file storage while also leaving you enough space for backing up your files.

Because of the increase in demand for external drives, gadget and electronics companies have been producing various external hard drive models and continue to innovate new features that will provide their consumer’s needs.

Newer models provide better features in terms of speed, durability, and portability in addition to the maximum storage capacity that they can provide their users.

In addition, new external hard drive models have improved their chassis and casing properties to prevent file transfer disruption in case you accidentally bump it during the process. Older models tend to become disconnected from your computer and abruptly end the file transfer resulting to data loss.

In this article, we will discuss three of the most reliable external hard drives that can last long and have a huge storage capacity.

What are the Most Reliable External Hard Drives?

Having an external drive that can last long and keeps our files safe is what we are looking for. The reason why we are purchasing an external hard drive is to keep our files safe which is why durability and longevity are one of the most important factors to look for in an external hard drive.

Here are some of the most reliable external hard drives in the market nowadays:

Fantom Drives 5TB GreenDrive USB3.0

Although not as popular as the other brands, the Fantom Drives 5TB GreenDrive is one of the most reliable external hard drives for both Windows and Mac users. It has a fast 7200rpm interface with a quiet processor and comes in a clean silver casing.

This external drive comes with a USB3.0 cable but is also compatible with a USB2.0 port. It has a plug-and-play feature and works fast for Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. With 5TB storage, you can save over 2,000 hours of videos.

Western Digital 6TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

The Western Digital My Book desktop external hard drive has been one of the most-preferred storage devices for users due to its fast file transfer with its USB3.0 cable. This device comes with built-in software that lets users select the option of regularly scheduling which types of files they want to be backed up from their computer or laptop.

Furthermore, it provides security with its password protection and encryption feature. This lets you have the option of requiring a password to be inputted before anyone can access your files.

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive

The Seagate Backup Plus Desktop drive boasts of its fast transfer speed. With a write speed of 135.3mbps and a read speed of 150.7mbps, this external hard drive can provide you smooth and fast file transfer of large files.

This model has software installed which lets you automatically backup your files from your laptop or computer. Another great feature is that it provides a free 200GB OneDrive cloud storage that you can use for two years.

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