Understanding the Uses of External Hard Drives

Understanding the Uses of External Hard Drives

When you visit you nearest gadget store, you will be amazed to find that there are a huge number of external hard drives models that come in different shapes and sizes. Each brand and model of external drive also have various features that they boast of.

Some external hard drives have a password protection feature that will require you to input your password before you can access your files. There are some that are made for portability by having a heavy duty and durable casing to prevent data loss whenever you carry you external drive around with you.

Different external drives have different features to cater to a user’s needs.

While we know that external hard drives are like the “bigger” version of the USB stick, they can be used much more than a simple storage device. They can have other functions that you can maximize with your other techy needs.

In this article, we will discuss the various uses of an external hard drive.

What are the Uses of an External Hard Drive?

For those who have a vague idea on why external hard drives exist and why more and more people own them, we will discuss in this section the uses of an external hard drive.

Huge Amount of Storage

Perhaps the major reason why people purchase an external hard drive is because they can use it for storing huge amounts of files from their computers or laptops. While it may seem that a newly purchased computer or laptop already has sufficient storage space, eventually this will run out as you regularly use it.

Having an external hard drive is essential for computer users who accumulate huge files over time because this enables them to free up space from their computer without having to delete them. An external hard drive for storage purposes is also great for individuals who do video, photo, and audio editing since these can take up huge amounts of space if you save them on your computer.

A 1TB external hard drive can already carry around hundreds of movies, pictures and music files at a low price. If you need larger space, newer external hard drive models have now reached up to 12TB storage capacity.

File Backup

Another way people use external hard drives is by using them as an external backup device. While your computer’s backup can be stored in its internal storage, there is still the danger of losing your backup files in the event that your computer crashes.

This is why it is important to save a backup of your files through an external source. External hard drives are great devices where you can store your backup files especially for those models that have a built-in software that automatically backups your files whenever the software detects changes or when you put it on schedule.

PlayStation External Storage

PlayStation games take up huge amounts of space when downloading them and as you install and play your games. PlayStation owners find that the internal storage can be depleted just by installing a few games.

With an external hard drive, you can transfer your game data from your PlayStation for archiving in case you want to play that game again in the future. PlayStation owners will be happy to know the Sony will be releasing a new software update where they can directly install and play their games from their external hard drive soon.

Xbox external storage

A difference with the PlayStation game console and the Xbox is that you can directly install and play games from your external drive. Xbox can let you use two external hard drives at once and can be very advantageous since games do take up a lot of download and installation space.

Having an external drive for your Xbox lets you install and play your games faster since there is additional memory available.  You can use any external drive that has 250GB memory or more with you Xbox as long as it has USB3.0 cable.

A USB3.0 cable permits faster data transfer between the Xbox and the external drive so lagging while playing will not occur.

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