Transcend Military Drop Tested External Hard Drive Review

Transcend Military Drop Tested External Hard Drive Review

Are you looking for a device that can instantly backup, synchronize and copy some of your large digital files? You can now have all of that, in only a few steps and without losing time while waiting for the transfer to be done with the Transcend External Hard Drive.

Having a portable hard drive can be useful in many situations. This device is compact and easy to transport, it can even fit into your pocket. It is also extremely easy to use and complete the transfer process.

This Transcend Military Drop Tested External Hard Drive will allow its users to benefit from a fast transfer at the highest level in the anti-shock matters. It is shock tested and protected and the design is extra-rugged.

If you are using external hard drives frequently, then you might have encountered some situations in which you lost your digital files by accident.

Well, with this incredible device, that will never happen to you again because it is equipped with an auto-backup button that will do the backup process by itself, so you only have to push the button if you do not want to unnecessarily lose your stuff and struggle to get them back, or even lose them forever.


  • This external hard drive comes in three different colors: black, military green and blue
  • It also has different storage capacities that you can choose from 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB
  • The item dimensions are 0.8 x 3.24 x 5.1 inches
  • The hard drive weighs about 7.62 ounces
  • It is military-grade shock resistant at a 3-stage and it has included a durable anti-shock outer case made from a rubber material
  • This external hard drive is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0, but for a faster transfer speed it is recommended to use the 3.0 version
  • The internal hard drive has an advanced system of suspension and a reconnect button that enables safe removal of the USB without having to unplug and reinsert
  • It also has a button that will allow you to backup at only one touch and not worry about losing digital files unnecessarily
  • The LED will indicate the power and the data transfer, like an activity indicator
  • It has included a software used for data management
  • The package comes with the portable external hard drive, a warranty card, an USB cable with the 3.0 version for the faster transfer of your files and a quick start guide
  • In 500 GB you can store about 244000 photos, 122000 songs, 220 hours of DVD videos
  • In 1 TB you can store about 488000 photos, 244000 songs, 440 hours of DVD videos
  • In 2 TB you can store about 976000 photos, 488000 songs, 880 hours of DVD videos


  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • You can use it anywhere
  • Easy to use and to proceed the files transfer
  • Fast transfer process when using the USB 3.0
  • Has a high level of shock resistance
  • It has included a button for backup
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your files by mistake
  • You receive a warranty
  • Good price for what this device has to offer


  • Being an external hard drive, it will only offer access to one person
  • It can not be connected to more than one computer
  • Losing this device will make you lose your files, too, so be careful


The Transcend Military Drop Tested External Hard Drive is an award-winning device for shockproof matters. It has an extra-rugged design that will generate anti-shock protection and will not make you worried about dropping in on the ground and breaking it apart.

It also has included a setting for backup, so you can touch one button and the device will start an auto-backup process by itself and you will no longer lose files unnecessarily.

The device allows its users to benefit from an ultra-fast speed of files transfer and even for more speed, you should connect it to your computer with USB 3.0.

Now you will backup, synchronize and copy all of your digital files in only a few moments and you can be secured that they will not be lost and can be accessed at any time from anywhere you are.

Possible alternatives

You might also like the MasterStor Portable Hard Drive, an incredible device that will help you with the transfer process to be done in seconds, not minutes or hours like other drives take.


All in one, it is easy to see that the pros outcome the cons and that theTranscend Military Drop Tested External Hard Drive Transcend Military Drop Tested is perfect for what an external hard drive it is required to do. The package has all you need for an easy usage of the device and the big plus for those who are concerned about the price it is that it comes at a more than pocket-friendly price for everyone.

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