Silicon Power Rugged Armor Portable External Hard Drive Review

Silicon Power Rugged Armor Portable External Hard Drive Review

The external hard drive is one of the hottest peripherals of the moment. As the SSD becomes the user’s preferred incorporated storage drive, either that we are talking about notebooks or desktop PCs more and more persons tend to invest in an external HDD.

Let’s face it, a SSD with a huge amount of storage is very expensive so the necessity of an external hard drive becomes higher. Even with the diverse cloud services being a stiff competition, the external hard drive keeps being a user favorite because of it’s accessibility as you do not need an active internet connection in order to get what you need from it, you just need to have it with you.

Buying one will let you save your favorite moments (photos and videos from holidays and different parties), music, movies and so on. Basically, almost everything that you have on your default storage can also be placed on the external HDD.

Just like any other device existent out there, there are particular specs that you should check on before buying one. These include the storage space, the interface (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0) and of course the physical ones, size and weight.

The Silicon Power Rugged Armor Portable External Hard Drive comes in different styles that you might be interested in.


  • This device comes in three different colors: green, orange and red
  • It also differs in capacity: you can buy one with 500GB, with 1TB, with 2 TB or just the enclosure
  • As referred to styles, there are two of them: built-in USB and built-in LED indicator
  • This item’s dimensions are 3.4 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches
  • It has an interesting armor, with an extra rugged design that will offer protection
  • This device is shockproof tested and meets the US Military standards
  • It has a cable system that is wrapped around the device, giving the benefit of a storage for the USB
  • The USB cable meets the 2.0 version and the 3.0 one, but for a faster speed it is recommended to use the 3.0 USB
  • You can share your digital files between PCs and Macs
  • The manufacturer will give you a 3-year warranty when you will buy their product
  • You can get a free widget for software download, that will bring more benefits like backup and security options
  • The design consist of a hexagonal pattern that takes over the device’s surface so that it will stay scratches free


  • This device passed the 3 meters drop test, it is resistant
  • Its design will also protect it from scratches and other unpleasant things
  • The cable storage system is very practical
  • With the USB 0, you will get faster speed transfers
  • It is available in different models with different capacities
  • You can store on in anything that you would store on your computer
  • You get a warranty
  • It is easy to use
  • Security functions
  • It allows you to share files between Windows and Mac operating systems
  • The price is pocket-friendly


  • Let’s say it states it has a 1 TB capacity, it actually has 931GB that you can use because of system purposes


The Silicon Power Rugged Armor Portable External Hard Drive is a great find for everyone out there who wants to benefit from more storage for their digital files (music, DVD movies, videos, photos and documents of all kind).

Being a resident item, it passed the 3 meters drop test, so you can stay calm if drop it on the ground because it will not happen anything.

Having many models and colors where you can choose from, this external hard drive is and has a design that is made especially to protect it from scratches and similar things. You can take this anywhere with you because it is portable and compact.

It also has a great storage system for the USB cable. The cable it is recommended to be the USB 3.0 version because it will bring a faster speed of transfer of the digital files and will spare you from losing your precious time with this matter. The security functions will impress you, too.

Possible alternatives

You might also want to take a look at the MasterStor One Touch Backup Portable Hard, a great product that is ultra slim and compact ( 0.5 inches) and has a LED light on the side of the front panel.


Taking into consideration all of the pros, the cons and the features, it is easily noticeable that the Silicon Power Rugged Armor Portable External Hard Drive is one of the best external hard drives on the market. You might want to try it on your own.

The pros outcome cons and besides that look at the amazing price that it comes with. All of those features for only a few dollars it is totally worth it.

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