Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Review

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Review

Are you passionate about games and you own a Xbox One or a Xbox 360? Then you know for sure the struggle it brings when you remain low on memory and have too many games that you do not want to lose.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox brings you a game drive that is designed to help you store all your games safely. This works flawlessly with Xbox and Xbox 360 and lets you play your favorite games in only a few seconds.

With a plug-and-play system of usage, in only a few steps you will be able to start playing any type of game. If you and your friends enjoy playing together, but only one of you has a specific game, then this device will come in handy when you are meeting for a gaming session.

With a compact design, you can easily take your games with you when you are going to meet other gamers at a friend’s house or even at your place, from your room the living room.

Having an overloaded hard drive will no longer be a problem and you will be able to expand your gaming storage capacity without saying game over.


  • It is designed for Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • This item is able to store your entire collection of games
  • You can choose from different capacities: 512GB-SSD, 2TB, 2TB Halo Wars 2 Edition, 4TB
  • The game drive weighs about 5.9 ounces
  • Its dimensions are 4.6 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches
  • It comes in a cool and refreshing green color that is liked by most of the people
  • You can save all the games that you want to keep and clear the space on your console with this device
  • In 2 TB capacity, you can fit 50+ games (if the average game size is between 35-50GB)
  • You can also store movies or music that you can access with your Xbox
  • Having a compatibility with the USB 3.0, your transfer or access to your games will take place in only a few moments because the USB brings a faster speed
  • This will also work with an USB 2.0
  • The game drive will allow you to give it a name, so you can get creative with this feature
  • For authentification, you will have to log in from the original game owner
  • The compact size lets you take your game drive in your pocket and have the games you like to play anywhere you are
  • It does not require a cable to get power


  • With 2TB you can store 50+ of your games
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use for everyone
  • You can name your game drive after your own liking
  • Fast access to your games
  • The transfer process takes place in a few seconds
  • USB 3.0 will boost the speed and spare you from wasting precious time
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • No power cable


  • Requires authentification from the original game owner
  • Might get you stuck into the world of gaming


Having a passion for gaming and might get a little bit hard when you are in the situation of losing a game and seeing “game over” on the screen. But that is not a problem when you do not have enough space for your games and you can not keep all of them anymore.

Having a game drive will save you that unpleasant situation and will store your favorite games. This game drive is designed for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and has a plug-and-play setup that will make everything easier for you.

With a USB 3.0 you will speed up the process transfer and it will let you access your games from someone else’s house with ease. Having a feature that does now require a power cable and a compact design, it has everything that makes it perfect for transportation.

As a bonus feature, do not forget that you can name your game drive and personalize it to your own liking. Another dose of happiness a gamer can get is knowing that he or she can store up to 50 of their games from their collection on a game drive with a capacity of 2TB.

Possible alternatives

You might also be interested in the U32 Shadow External Hard Drive for Xbox One. This game drive is available in different capacities like 500GB, 500 GB SSD Version, 1TB, 2 TB. It can also be found in a black or a silver color.


If you enjoy playing games on your Xbox One or Xbox 360, then you will need a game drive for sure. In the light of the above mentioned, taking into consideration that the pros outcome the cons, this Seagate Game Drive has everything a drive for gaming would require. It also comes at a pocket-friendly price that any gamer would afford.

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