Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive Review

Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive Review

You might wonder what is an external hard drive if you never heard of this term. This device is a small box that will store your files by attaching it to your computer and it is very easy to use.

External hard drives can be connected to computers through USB, FireWire and even wirelessly. These types of devices usually have a huge storage capacity and can be used to back up computers and even to serve as network drives.

Any computer will automatically detect an external hard drive if it has a Windows or MacOS operating system. In the next moments you plug the drive in the computer, it displays it as a drive on your computer.

Why would you want to use external hard drives? Well, if compared with a flash drive, the external hard drive has a much larger capacity and of course, when you notice that your computer is lacking space, this will make a good alternative.

The Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive will work at very high speed and will make everything easier when you need to copy large files. Also, one great thing about this hard drive it that it is portable and you will be able to carry it around with you.


  • Seagate designed this hard drive in different storage capacities: 1TB, 2TB, 3 TB, 4TB
  • You can choose to get the external hard drive with its own carrying case
  • This device is very easy to use whereas you only have to drag and drop your files to the expansion portable drive and they are stored
  • This hard drive works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to compatibility, but keep in mind that the USB 3.0 will offer faster transfer speeds
  • 2TB storage capacity will offer you enough storage for digital photos (up to 320000), music (up to 16,660 hours), videos (up to 1000 hours) and DVD films (up to 250 hours)
  • You do not have to install software or configure anything because Windows will recognize immediately this device
  • The item weights about 6.4 ounces and its dimensions are 0.6 x 4.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Interesting designed with black
  • The package contents consist in: the Seagate Expansion Drive, a USB 3.0 Cable that is 18 inches and a little guide for a quick start


  • Store up to 2TB of your files or even more
  • Works at a high speed and it is compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
  • One of the best things about this device is that it is portable and perfect to take on the go
  • Very easy to use for everyone, just attach the USB cable to the computer and start sending files
  • Doesn’t need software installation or configurations
  • Friendly price for most pockets


  • Does not come in different colors or models
  • It requires a Windows 8 or a Windows 7 operating system


This external hard drive can be used for many purposes, so it can be described as versatile. You can backup your digital files (photos, videos, music, DVD), use it as an additional storage space, use it to organize your media files, to lock up important files that you do not want to be shared, use it as a shared storage drive and so on.

Easy to use and portable, you can benefit from extra storage anywhere you are. Just look for a cable to use it to attach the drive to your computer (if possible, USB 3.0 because it gives a faster speed of transfer) and they will automatically connect one to another, without any software installation.

Just drag and drop your files and you are done. If you are not familiar with this item and what it does, just take a look at the start guide that the hard drive comes with and you will see that it is not a big deal to learn to use it.

Possible alternatives

Seagate brings you a device that will allow you to backup your Mac anywhere and anytime. It is called the Seagate Backup Portable External Hard Drive for Mac and you can use an USB 3.0 to attach it to your Mac computer.

Has storage capacities from 500 GB to 1TB, 2TB and 4TB.


If you are interested in using a device that will store all your files when you are lacking space on your computer, then Seagate Expansion Portable External Hard Drive is your big find! It is easy to observe that the pros outcome the cons and all the interesting features that it comes with.

This external hard drive makes a great choice in matters of data storage and it is good to have one at home because you never know when you need to store or save your files that you do not want to lose.

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