G-Technology mini Portable Hard Drive Review

G-Technology mini Portable Hard Drive Review

Ever had a problem with your computer memory and wondered how you can save your files without losing them? All that you need is an external hard drive. This device will save your struggle with the digital files that you can not store anymore on your computer.

If you are thinking about what type of files you can store on a portable hard drive, the answer is all the files you have on your computer. So all the family photos, your favorite music, the movies you enjoy rewatching, your documents from school or work and any type of videos that you have from your holidays can be safely stored on one of these hard drives with ease.

The G-Technology mini Portable Hard Drive is a great option if you are on the hunt for the perfect external hard drive. This device is so easy to use anywhere you might be and will spare you from losing considerable time regarding the transfer process.

When buying a portable hard drive, you will also need a USB cable to secure the connection between the device and your computer. After that, follow a few simple steps and you will have your beloved memories and important documents saved on a device that you can travel with, in no time.


  • The product’s dimensions are 4.9 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches
  • It weighs about 1.1 pounds and it is a mini hard drive, so it is easy to transport
  • It comes in a silver color with a sophisticated design
  • The capacities you can choose from are: 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB and 6TB
  • This device is compatible with the USB 3.0 and FireWire
  • The portable hard drive benefits of 7200RPM that will generate ultimate performance when used
  • It has an aluminum enclosure that will make the hard drive more resistant and durable
  • It also has integrated a heat-sink that will bring you a silent operation when used and a cooling experience
  • The item is bus-powered
  • Its transfer process is a high-speed one, it will transfer your data in only a few seconds, not minutes
  • If you have intensive files, this hard drive will cooperate depending on its capacity for multimedia
  • Its compatibility works with Mac OSX operating system and as referred to Windows, you will need to proceed to a reformatting process
  • If you are concerned about losing the files from the hard drive, you should know that this one has an easy file backup option, so your files are safe and you won’t lose them
  • G-Technology offers its clients a 3-year limited warranty when selling their product


  • Easy steps to follow when using the device
  • It has a backup option
  • You receive a warranty
  • Transfer process will take only a few seconds
  • The high speed of the transfer is assured with the USB 3.0
  • You can store huge files on G-Technology hard drives due to their capacities
  • The aluminum enclosure offers durability
  • The heat-sink brings a cooling and silent usage


  • This is compatible with Mac OSC operating system
  • If you are a Windows user, you will have to do a reformatting procedure before putting it to use
  • The item is on the pricier side


This great product from G-Technology has everything that it takes for the perfect portable external hard drive. Besides this, it comes in a mini version and will make it easier to carry around and to use it from anywhere you might be.

With the help of an USB, you can connect it to your computer and start the process of transferring your files with only dragging and dropping them.

You might want to use the 3.0 version of USB because it is compatible with the device and will provide a faster speed for the process and you will be spared from losing time with it. So, no matter what files you have to store from your computer, the portable hard drive will accept it and will store it for you safely.

If you want to take precautions, you should try to use the backup option on the device, so that you will never lose the files unnecessarily.

Possible alternatives

If you seemed interested in the G-Technology mini portable hard drive, then you might also like what G-Technology Portable FireWire and USB 3.0 Drive has to offer. Having a solid aluminum case, it will give the design an ultra-stylish final look. It also has a bus-powered feature.


All in one, if the price does not bother you, this external mini hard drive will make you happy with what it has to offer. But it is a good investment if you want to have your digital files safely stored for a long period of time because the G-Technology mini Portable Hard Drive device was made to last due to its aluminum enclosure and lack of plastic shell casings.

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