External Hard Drive VS Cloud Storage: Which One is Best?

External Hard Drive VS Cloud Storage: Which One is Best?

Most of us who have been using computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets eventually face the reality that we need sufficient storage space where we can save our files. Whether these are documents, photos videos, or music, it is important to have them safely stored and backed up to prevent data loss.

We all know how devastating it can become when our important files get erased because of our gadgets’ system failure or storage failure. Having your files accidentally deleted is perhaps the best teacher on how important it is to place your files in a secure storage location and have them backed up regularly.

There are two main ways of safely storing and securing our files. The first one is a local external drive while the second one is through third-party cloud storage.

There has been much debate to identify which type of storage service is the best to use especially since there are advantages and disadvantages with both storage types.

In this article, we will discuss the basic things that you need to know about external hard drives and cloud storage to see and identify which type of storage is best for you.

What You Need To Know About External Hard Drives:

External hard drives are now a common gadget that people have especially for those who have numerous files that they have in storage. Here are the basic facts about external drives:

One-time cash out

Upon purchasing your external drive, you no longer have to worry about periodic payments and signing up for a service. You simply go to your electronics or gadget store, purchase the external drive of your choice, then start saving and transferring your files.


The reason why most laptop or computer owners have external hard drives is due to the fact that these devices can store huge amounts of files and data at a low price. Eternal drive prices are going down with the entry of newer models which is why buying them nowadays is simply like buying a USB storage device—once it gets full, you can simply buy another one.

Fast data transfer

Even though you have a fast internet connection, transferring and saving files to the cloud can take up some time. This is not the case with external hard drives.

Data transfer, even with large files like videos only takes a few minutes especially if you have a fast USB3.0 cable and port.


Saving important files to the cloud is not entirely safe especially since you can always get hacked. This is the reason why businesses and users prefer having an external drive that has password or encryption protection where they can save their device to prevent other people from accessing their files.

No internet connection required

Unlike cloud storages, you can transfer and backup your files to your external drive without internet connection as long as you have the USB cable that will connect it to your laptop or computer.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a way of storing and syncing your files across your different devices through the Internet. Here are the basic facts about using cloud storage:

Access files anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your files through any of your gadgets or computers. You will only need your laptop or smartphone and a stable internet connection to save and access your files anywhere.

Faster file sharing with others

Majority of cloud storage services will let you easily share your files and folders with other people. This means that you will no longer have the need to attach multiple files one by one through your email.

It can be cheap

There are cloud storage services that are free if you only need to save small files, However, opting for a larger space will require one-time or periodic payment.

In looking at the different advantages of both types of storage, we can see that both have a lot to offer and provide users.

The bottom line is it depends on the user which type of storage is easier and can work for him better. There are those that use both an external drive and cloud storage to back up and save their files—because why not?

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