Do External Hard Drives Work on PlayStation4?

Do External Hard Drives Work on PlayStation4?

If you own a Playstation4 you will know within a few minutes of installing a game and playing it that it consumes a lot of storage memory. The famous game “Call of Duty” has more than 120GB download size, not to mention that it still needs more storage memory to install and save the game.

Users who would like to try new games find that they have to erase game data to download and install a new game since they have already run out of disk space. This is why many of PS4 game enthusiasts always ask the same question:

Is there any way that I can use an external hard drive to download, install, and save my games?

The simple answer to the question right now is “no”. You can download, save, and backup your game data in your external hard drive but there is no way that you can directly install and play games from it.

PS4 still requires the internal drive to launch your games so you will have to transfer your files from your external hard drive to the PS4’s internal hard drive in order for you to play your game.

Using Your External Hard Drive with Your PS4

Even though you cannot directly play games from your external hard drive, having an external hard drive where you can save your games for future use or you got tired of playing the currently installed game in your PS4’s internal hard drive can be very advantageous.

This is because you do not have to say goodbye to your downloaded game and its backup forever.

You can archive and save your game’s progress data on your external hard drive and be able to transfer back to your PS4 on the event that you want to play it again. If you are looking for an external hard drive where you can save your games, you may already know that you want a lot of storage space.

But here are the types of external hard disk drives (HDD) that you may want to choose from:

Laptop external drive

This type of external drive is small and does not rely on an external power source to be used. In the same way that you use it with your laptop, you simply plug it into your PS4 then transfer your files with ease.

Desktop External Drive

Since this type of external drive uses a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive, it is comparably bigger in size. Desktop external drives often need an external power source or adapter to power it.

What to Consider when Buying an External Drive for PS4

There are some considerations when buying an external drive that you can use for your PS4:


Since you already know how much space a single game can take, you should look for one that has a huge storage capacity in order for you to archive a wider number of games.


Make sure that the external drive is compatible with a PS4 and has a USB3.0 cable.


Although brand names may not be an issue, PS4 gamers find that brands from Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Western Digital work best.

Manufacturing Date

New models of external hard drives are faster and optimized than older models that can take a longer time when transferring files.

Other factors like portability and security may not be a huge consideration if you plan to buy an external drive for your PS4 game archiving. Still, it is best to consider these factors as well since they can contribute to the overall durability of an external drive.

Can I Use My External Hard Drive with my PS4 in the future?

In the early month of February 2017, Sony released a preview of the next System Software Update 4.5.0 for the PlayStation 4. It aims to answer the storage size problem of most of its users by letting you use your USB 3.0 external hard drive to free up space from your PS4.

Any content that is installed on the internal and external hard drives will be accessed and shown in the PlayStation software. This new update can support external hard drives that have up to 8TB storage capacity. Truly a must wait for PS4 users!

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