Best 4TB external hard drive

Best 4TB external hard drive

Finding the Best 4TB External Hard Drive

Imagine having your most important or memorable files disappear to nothingness just because your computer or laptop crashed down. You will do everything you can to try and retrieve the files right? But what if everything else fails?

We all know how big of a problem when our important files are deleted or can no longer be accessed by a device malfunction. This is why we have to take extra measures to protect and safe keep our files through other measures by saving them in locations outside of the laptop or computer that we are using.

Because despite every care that we may give our devices, we can never say when they can fail.

Because of this common problem, more and more people who have a digital life make sure that their files are protected by keeping another copy or backup in an external storage. In the past years, CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks were the most common means of backup and storage.

However, recent years have introduced us with great innovations in terms of external storage options. One such innovation is the external hard drive.

These devices have huge storage capacities in a single device. As compared to saving your files to a CD or DVD which can reach hundreds if you have huge files to save, an external drive will let you save and backup your files in a single device easily.

What are the Best 4TB External Hard Drives?

Having a 1TB external hard drive will already provide you with ample space to save thousands of your files, documents, movies, videos, and photos. But imagine having 4TB of storage space. Surely having a storage space as huge as this can last you very long.

Here are the best portable and desktop external hard drives that have a 4TB storage capacity:

Seagate Backup Plus

Seagate has produced quite a number of external hard drive models that come in different storage capacity and has left their users satisfied with them.

Just like most of the Seagate external drive models, the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB has built-in software that can let you backup your data, files, and even your social media. In addition, this external drive model maintains it small and compact size for portability.

This external drive uses a USB3.0 cable which makes it transfer files at a faster speed. The USB3.0 cable is backward compatible to be able to work with a USB2.0 port. The Seagate Backup Plus can copy huge files in a matter of seconds, making it one of the best external hard drives today.

Seagate Expansion Portable

The second model release of the Seagate Expansion Portable introduced these drives with a 3TB and 4TB storage capacity. With its small size, you will be amazed that such a device can hold thousands of files within it.

It uses low power consumption since it runs at 5400 rotations per minute so plugging it in your laptop will not drain your battery. This external hard drive comes with a USB3.0 cable for fast file transfer.

Western Digital My Book Desktop

If you are opting for a desktop external hard drive, the Western Digital My Book external hard drive is a great model that provides fast transfer speed in a simple and minimalist design. This model is designed to stand upright beside your desktop’s drive where it’s cable wire and power adapter wires are located on its backside.

This desktop external drive has a built-in Western Digital SmartWare for setting up password security and automatic backup of your files. The USB3.0 cable provides fast transfer speed of up to 150mbps.

LaCie Porsche Design USB-C + USB 3.0 Desktop

The LaCie Porsche Design external hard drive is another model made for desktop use. This external drive model has an aluminum casing to provide durability and protection of your files.

It comes with a USB type C connector and the standard USB3.0 cable connectors that provide fast transfer speeds of up to 160mbps write and 162mbps read. As compared to other external drives that can be quite noisy when transferring your files, the LaCie Porche Design external drive is almost noiseless.

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