Backing Up Your Computer Files Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

Have you ever permanently deleted an email or file just to realize that you really needed it? Most of us have and if you haven’t, eventually you will. The question is; what do you do? You can use a few words to communicate your frustration and anger, cry uncontrollably, or you can make sure you can get your file or email back. How? Simple, it’s called backing up your files and emails regularly.

Creating backups should become second nature, but not only because of mistakenly deleting a file or email. Creating backups for your file will insure that they are accessible in cases of hard drive corruption, computer theft, and natural disasters. Creating a backup is not simply having a second copy on the same PC. It is not even about having an external hard drive or flash drive with the data. These options can still fall victim to the same issues mentioned.

Having a secure computer backup service is the best route. With a computer backup service, you can rest assured that your files are stored on another PC at a separate location. A great computer backup service will offer automated backup options and fast and encrypted data transfer. These options will allow your files and emails to be systematically backed up to the secure server while you continue working, surfing the web, or answering emails.

There are many computer backup services available.It’s hard to know which one to choose. There are a few questions that you need to ask to insure you’re choosing the right service for your needs.

1. Does the service offer features like automated backups and open file backup? If not, keep looking. These are essential for anyone who uses their computer daily (which is most common today).

2. Does the company encrypt your data? If not, you shouldn’t use their service. Hackers are smarter, faster, and more dedicated to stealing your information now than ever. A good backup service will always encrypt their and their clients’ files.

3. Does the company use multi-threading to insure speed of uploads/downloads? No one wants to wait around to upload new or download existing backup files. Choose a company that offers the speed of multi-threading to keep your backup process smooth and fast.

4. Is the service customizable to your needs? A company that is dedicated to their customers will offer a product as unique as you are. Choose a company that offers a backup service and software that you can tailor to your needs. Don’t settle for one size fits all.

5. Does the company have a great reputation? Never use a service that only has bad reviews. Let’s be honest, even the best company will get at least one bad review. There will always be one customer they cannot make 100% satisfied. You need to watch for a pattern. Does everyone say how bad their customer service is? Are there multiple complaints about speed? Do your homework and insure that the company is dedicated to its customers.

With all of the options out there, it’s easy to just look for the lowest price. However, if you do your homework, you will not only get a price within your budget, but also the right level of backup service to meet your needs. So, whether you choose a local dedicated server partnered with backup software or a fully supported backup service in the Cloud, make sure you are choosing the product and company that’s right for you.

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