Advantages of External Hard Drives

Anybody who uses a gaming system or computer of any sort realizes the need for space. Then, there is the problem of ensuring that this space stays exactly how you want it to. This common problem was what gave birth to the idea of the external hard drive. After, all computers break, and when they do, it is beyond tragic when the hard drives break with them.
There are also people who simply need more space, and are less worried about their hard drive breaking. In either circumstance, there are many different advantages to using an external hard drive over competitive options such as cloud storage. In general, external hard drives are an effective means of always being able to access the files you need portably, without the need for an internet connection. Here are some of the major advantages of external hard drives.

Hard Drive Space
Most good computers will come with a pretty decent amount of hard drive space, but sometimes this isn’t enough. It is rather difficult to imagine a computer with a 4TB hard drive, and average specifications in every other aspect unless you special order your computer from the manufacturer. Even then, this will probably cost more than you want to spend.
A major perk to getting an external hard drive is that you can massively increase the amount of total hard drive space you have available at your fingertips for around $100 for as much as 4TB. When you think about it, space like this is extremely difficult to use. This is one of the most important advantages of using an external hard drive.

Cheapest way to purchase space
Cloud services normally charge a monthly, annual, or weekly fee that you must keep up with. Computers, on the other hand, can be rather difficult to purchase exact amounts of hard drive space when you consider that you will also be looking for other features. External hard drives, however, are built for the sole purpose of storing your files. As a result, these are made with adaptability and customization in mind.

This means that when you purchase an external hard drive, you are much more capable of selecting an exact amount of space that you need for your storage. They are also very affordable, even for high amounts of storage. There simply is no competition that can match the amount of space you can get for the money you invest when you choose an external hard drive.

Added File Security
In the event that a computer or internal hard drive breaks down, trying to save your files can be like fishing in a pond of murky water. Sure, there is a possibility that you can save your files, but it becomes increasingly unlikely as the failed attempts at rounding up the lost files continues. However, when you purchase an external hard drive, you can ensure that you will always have a backup of your files handy if this worst-case-scenario finally unfolds.
In fact, many external hard drive manufacturers will also allow you to use an online cloud service (for an extra fee) that gives you a second backup of your files. This means that anybody who is super paranoid about losing their files will be able to ensure in the worst possible scenario that they will always have their prized files.

Lightweight and portable
When you purchase an external hard drive, it is not like you are going to have to carry around another computer. In fact, the size and weight of a typical external hard drive is similar to that of a smart phone or tablet (depending on the brand and features). Many external hard drives will fit in your shirt or pant pocket easily, and won’t even be that noticeable to carry around.

Having an external hard drive usually means that you are able to keep your files stored within a small and lightweight mechanism which can easily be moved from location to location. When you consider that you are trading this small amount of physical space you need to haul around for 1TB (or much more) space to use for digital files, this is a very nice trade off.

Can access your files anywhere
In the imaginable future, you will be able to take your external hard drive up to space and still be able to connect it to your computer’s USB port and access the files that you store. The same idea holds true for any location on Earth where you have both of these components. A major advantage to using an external hard drive is that you will never need any sort of internet connection, cell phone service, or subscription to access the files that you store on your external hard drive.
When you think about it, this is a very important feature. There are many professional DJs today who don’t even need to take any equipment with them to a club venue besides an external hard drive because they will have everything but the music. The ability to take files and information with you portably and easily is one of the most important advantages of an external hard drive.

Purchasing an external hard drive is a very nice investment for anybody who needs to be able to take their files with them on the go. Since they offer large amounts of disk space and the lowest price for storage that you will find amongst all competitors, they are an extremely popular option.
External hard drives are great at helping you ensure that you will always have the files that you need, even if your computer breaks. Additionally, they can be easily used with a third-party cloud service to make sure that you can back up your files several times and protect your precious files. They are very lightweight, portable, and can fit in your pocket. Best of all, you can take your external hard drive anywhere in the world and still expect to open up all the files you need without the need for internet service.


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