Advantages of External Hard Drive

Advantages of External Hard Drive

You might have known about hard drives, but do you know about external hard drives? Having an external hard drive is handy, and here are a couple of reasons why.

More Space, More Fun: Knowing the Advantages of External Hard Drive

External hard drives are gaining more and more popularity as a way of storing and backing up files and data especially for people who have laptops and computers. We know how files, videos, photos, applications, and other software can take up space after some time and that they can cause our devices to slow down and even crash.

Unforeseen events that may cause your laptop or computer to crash or just die down can cause big problems especially if you are storing your important files in them and can no longer find a way to retrieve them. This is the reason why having an external hard drive where you can store and backup your files is a great choice for many individuals.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of having an external hard drive and why you should have one (if you still don’t own one).

What are the Advantages of Having an External Hard Drive?

Extra Storage

We all know the primary purpose of an external drive for most users—extra storage. Even though CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks can also be used for storage, they often have little space where you can save your files. If you have thousands of files to save having an external drive will provide you huge storage space in a single device.

File Backup

In addition to simply storing your files, you can use your external drive to backup either your whole computer’s files or just some parts of it. This is especially helpful for users who have important files that they cannot afford to lose in case anything happens to their computers.

There are external drives that have software installed where you can select the option of automatically backing up your files once you plug the external drive into your computer.

Low Cost

As compared to other storage options like CDs and Cloud Storage, having an external drive will provide you with a great amount of space in a single purchase. While CDs are very much cheap, purchasing hundreds of them to be able to save your huge files can accumulate a huge cost eventually.

Furthermore, CDs often have a limited life where they can be scratched and easily corrupted. Cloud storage is also a great storage option if you have an internet connection but you will have to pay periodically to acquire huge storage space.

Easy to Use

External drives are preformatted to work easily with any Windows operating system. Its plug-and-play feature lets you simply plug the device into your laptop or computer then proceed with copying, transferring and backing up your files.

The USB cable that comes with the external drive can be used with all laptops and computers to transfer files easily.


There are a wide number of external hard drive models in the market that are made for portability by having a small and compact body. Portable external drives have a durable body that protects it from bumps and falls to prevent your files from being damaged.

With a portable external drive, you can carry thousands of your files with you anytime and share it with others.

Fast File Transfer

As compared to the Cloud which can take an hour or more to attach and send a file, transferring files through an external drive can take only a few minutes. Newer external drive models have a USB3.0 cable that has a faster file transferring speed than the older USB2.0 model.

Another upside in this is that USB3.0 cables are still backward compatible to work with any USB2.0 port so you don’t have to worry that your computer cannot read your external drive if you only have a USB2.0 port in it.


Another bonus feature in some external hard drives is with their security feature. There are models that have software installed in them which lets you put a password encryption on your files to prevent them being accessed by anybody else other than you.

If the security feature of an external drive is turned on, a password is required before anyone can access the files. This is great for users who have important files that they want to keep secured.

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